Gospel Recording Artist Mighty Men of Faith
“Undisputable is He”, the title of the new Mighty Men of Faith album, attest to the undeniable truth that God is "Lord of Lord" and that He has our back "Everywhere." The album of thirteen songs is scheduled for release in early 2019. It contains a combination of Gospel and Christian songs that will encourage and boost the spirit of listeners. Steve Eaton wrote two of the songs, “That's What God Did for me” and “Everywhere.” Steve has written songs for The Carpenters, Art Garfunkel, and Lee Greenwood. He said "I tried to be very honest with myself when writing "Everywhere" and "That’s What He Did for Me." "My knowledge of theology and religion is minimal... so, I wrote about what I know most about sin! "These songs were written through the lens of a sinner." They are about confession and forgiveness." Curtis Hill wrote the song "Now I'm New." Dark places in his past, where he felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel, inspired him to write the song. Curtis says"... accepting God erases the past and that a new life of abundance and love is received." When the weight of the world feels too heavy to carry his hope is that the song will encourage others to look toward their faith. Songs that were previously released are on the album. Woody Woods wrote the song "Because He Loves Me" a remix of the song from the group's first album. Two cover tunes are on the album "It's All God" originally by the Soul Seekers and "It's A Good Thing to be Chosen" by Luther Barnes. The Mighty Men of Faith, doing something different, include a Rap song on the Album titled "Show me the Way.” “Show me the Way” asked for God's guidance to navigate the ups and downs of life. David DeCuir recorded the album at his studio in Richmond, CA.

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