Happy Resurrection day. He sent us a Savior who died on the cross "Because He Loves Us." He paid the ultimate price for our sins. Unequaled is his unconditional love. He deserves our adoration and highest praise. The following is from the Mighty Men of Faith first album "Because He Loves Me."
There is a blessing to your listening.
'Undisputable is HE', the title of the new Mighty Men of Faith album, attest to the undeniable truth that God is "Lord of Lord" and that HE has our back "Everywhere". The album of thirteen songs is scheduled for release in early 2019. It contains a combination of Gospel and Christian songs that will encourage and boost the spirit of listeners. Two of the songs, 'That's What God Did for me' and 'Everywhere', were written by Steve Eaton. Steve has written songs for The Carpenters, Art Garfunkel and Lee Greenwood. Steve says when writing "Everywhere" and "That's What He Did for Me." "I tried to be very honest with myself. I don't know enough about theology or religion to speak for God. So, I wrote about what I know most about… sin! These songs were written through the lens of a sinner. They are about confession and forgiveness".

The song "Now I'm New" written by Curtis Hill speaks to the fact that when one accepts God, their past is erased and that a new life of abundance and love is received. Curtis says the song was inspired by the dark places in his past where he felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel. His hope is that the song will encourage others to look toward their faith for hope when the weight of the world feels too heavy to carry. The album includes songs that were previously released as singles and a remix of the song "Because He Loves Me" written by Woody Woods. There are also two cover tunes "It's All God" originally by the Soul Seekers and "It's A Good Thing to be Chosen" by Luther Barnes.
There is also a Rap song on the Album titled "Show Me the Way" asking for God's guidance to navigate the ups and downs of life. The album was recorded in Richmond, CA. at the studio of David DeCuir. He arranged and produced ten of the album songs. Additionally, he wrote three songs on the
album including the song "Lord of Lord". Listen to snippets from the album in the video below.

We want to provide you with some information about our new album “Believe In His Promises” that will be released in mid april. First let us say Thanks to God for giving us the gift of song and putting people in our path that have helped us to make this album of inspirational music come to life and be a blessing to others. We believe our music ministry brings a message of encouragement to believers as well as hope, understanding and enlightenment to nonbelievers. We are grateful to have two time Grammy nominee Prince Damons produce this CD that speaks to God’s unquestionable promise of a life of peace, abundance and joy. Additionally one of the songs “The Power of We” powerfully speaks to the need for community and family inclusion in what we do to have a better world. Prince is an absolute amazing producer, writer of lyrics and music. The music of Believe In His Promises challenges the traditional view of gospel music but it is all good because it is all God. Prepare to Dance as many of the songs will make you move, nod your head and stomp your feet. Special thanks to our family and you our friends for unwavering support, we love you. Here is a Behind the scene look at the new album “Believe In His Promises”

Pre-Order Today the Upcoming Album 'Believe in His Promises'
Set for Release In March

​N2L Records announced today that their Gospel Recording Artist Mighty Men of Faith new album 'Believe in His Promise is now available for pre-order at https://mightymenoffaith.bandcamp.com . The group's previous album 'Nothing But Grace' won the prestigious 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards for Contemporary Album of the Year. The album also received nomination for the 2015 Independent Music Award for Album of the year.

The new album 'Believe in His Promises' is set for release on March 23, 2016. 2-time Grammy nominated producer Prince Damons is producing the album. To date, ten of the albums eleven songs have been recorded and completed. The album speaks to the fact that God's word is unquestionable and that if you accept that truth you will live a life of peace, joy, and abundance.
You can hear snippets of five songs from the album here youtu.be/HL1QSm9XnSQ. There is a blessing to your listening. According to N2l officials they will be providing free of charge a digital download of the group's first debut album "Because He Loves Me' to the first 500 confirmed purchasers of "Believe In His Promise". Also, the album price has been discounted for pre-order sales to show appreciation.
2015 Rhythm Gospel Awards nomination of The Mighty Men of Faith

San Francisco Bay Area Gospel Artist Mighty Men of Faith Nominated for 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards

N2L Records is proud to announce that the San Francisco Bay Area Gospel group Mighty Men of Faith have been nominated for the 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Award in five Categories. The Categories are: 1. Special Event CD Of The Year – 'Nothing But Grace' 2. Quartet CD of the Year –'Nothing But Grace' 3. Alternative Christian Gospel CD of The Year –'Nothing But Grace' 4. Contemporary Group/Ensemble Of The Year, and 5. Best Performance by Duo/Group Of The Year. N2L officials also say the Mighty Men of Faith will be one of the Headliners on the televised award show. The Rhythm of Gospel Awards televised show will recognize the nominees and winners on July 25th 2015 at the Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center on the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The Televised Award Show according to the National and Independent Gospel Music Association is officially recognized as the largest National Independent Gospel Awards Show in the nation with over 6500 attendees from various parts of the United States, Bahamas, Canada and internationally.

The National Independent Gospel Music Association voting members, involved in various aspects of media, creative and technical processes of recording, cast their ballots to determine the nominees in each category for the Rhythm Gospel Award. This prestigious annual award recognizes outstanding contributions of independent gospel artists of all types. The Public can help determine the winner by voting online. Voting online begins November 1, 2014 and ends on March 31st 2015. The votes of online voters will be considered by the selection panel when determining the winner.

'Nothing But Grace' was released on August 5, 2014 with twelve songs sung in a Contemporary/Traditional Gospel format. The CD speaks of God's love, sacrifice, and mercy according to members of the group. They say 'This CD is our instrument to share God's Love, Grace and Mercy with others. The Mighty Men of Faith believe "God's got a blessing for everyone and it's "Nothing But Grace". Full clips of the CD can be heard on the Mighty Men of Faith webpage at www.mightymenoffaith.com/store.html. The CD is available on Cdbaby.com, Apple iTunes as well as other digital download sites

N2L records today announced that 'Nothing But Grace' a new CD by the Gospel group Mighty Men of Faith will be released on August 5, 2014. This will be the third album from the San Francisco Based quartet following the release of 'Because He Loves Me' in 2009 and Shaking The Foundation' in 2011. The album demonstrates the continued growth of the group's music ministry based on preparation, practice, and prayer.
The twelve songs in the "Nothing But Grace" CD speaks of God's love, sacrifice, and mercy according to members of the group. They say 'This CD is our instrument to share God's Grace and Mercy with others. In today's World we all need encouragement. We believe the CD provides encouragement and reminds us of our blessing so we can go tell others of God's goodness. Our appreciation to God should be verbalized through prayer, through our conversations with Him, and ultimately shown to others by our actions and relationships. We believe that this CD will enrich, encourage, enlighten and inspire listeners of all ages. We believe this CD can help our experiences grow in hope, in life and in love. The CD's traditional and contemporary music's message is peppered with a modern urban soul flavor that, we pray, is appealing to hours of listening pleasure.'
The Mighty Men of Faith believe "God's got a blessing for everyone and it's "Nothing But Grace".
Full clips of the CD can be heard on the Mighty Men of Faith webpage at www.mightymenoffaith.com/store.html. The CD will be available on Cdbaby.com, Appleitunes as well as other digital download sites on its release on August 5, 2014.
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Mighty Men of Faith Pray Through Song

After the successful debut of their CD 'Because He Loves Me' and their inspirational performances at over 65 venues including the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco the Gospel group Mighty Men of Faith released a new single 'Father These Things I Pray" on 11/26/2013. The songs message speaks to hope, courage, and peace the way God wants us to live our lives. This song of worship and meditation reminds of the need for connection with God for direction, wisdom, and strength.

The song represents the need for a right relationship with The Great Creator of the Universe. Talking with the Creator allows each of us, an opportunity to not only speak but to listen attentively for Divine direction. We are encouraged to remember to pray at all times for everything that will allow us to be ambassadors of peace and good will. The world needs love and togetherness and we are reminded that "we have not because we ask not" and that when we do ask "we must believe" an answer is on the way. See the change we wish to be and be the change we wish to see. Prayer does change things.

The Mighty Men of Faith from Union City CA., are Wendell Basey, Rev. Ed Prothro-Harris, Rev. Richard Hayes, and Charles Johnson. They have over 21400 facebook fans, https://www.facebook.com/MightyMenofFaith, and have been ranked number one in the San Francisco Bay Area, and number 23 Nationally on the Reverbnation music site. Their webpage is http://www.mightymenofaith.com

The song Father These Things I Pray is now available at CDbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mightymenoffaith6 and through itunes and a variety of other download sites.

Last night's Mighty Men of Faith Concert was an awesome night of music. The Lincoln Glen Choir was a true blessing, Saylah was off the chain and Brenda Lowe was inspirational. The Mighty Men of Faith were outstanding. You could tell they are truly anointed and chose by God. Approximately 300 gospel music lovers were awed and inspired by the truly gifted singers who presented God's word through music.
Be a part of something special and add your joyful sound! The Mighty Men of Faith will be recording a live CD of the songs they sing at their first Annual Concert. The performance is at the Cubberly Theater, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, California., on the 19th of February 2012. The CD of this live performance is currently planned for release in June. At this time a tentative title for the CD is 'The Mighty Men of Faith Live'. We look to see you there for the first live recording of the Mighty Men of Faith and their audience. By the way… please feel free to suggest another title for the CD.