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Let me tell you about the Mighty Men of Faith. They are a truly anointed group. God has blessed them; he knows that their music ministry is not to achieve fame and glory but to encourage believers and to bring those who are lost or discouraged into the Body of Christ. The Mighty Men of Faith say their music is 'our instrument to share God's Grace and Mercy with others." "In today's world, we all need encouragement. We believe gospel music provides encouragement and reminds us of our blessings. We are hopeful that our music will enrich, enlighten and inspire listeners of all ages.'
The Mighty Men of Faith's mission is to spread the Word of God through music to the masses. They are willing, much like Jesus, to take the Word of God to a variety of venues. In addition to Churches in California they have sung at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA., at Yoshi's in Oakland's Jack London Square, in parks, book stores, Fairs and at theaters. They have performed in Nashville, Tenn, Birmingham Ala, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

How did the Mighty Men of Faith start? The music ministry of the Mighty Men of Faith began at the University AMEZ Church in Palo Alto CA. In 2007 Wendell Basey and his best friend Malvin Scott after several years away from the Church joined. They both became members of the choir. Wendell and Malvin had sung together in a secular quartet called Onyx1. Being in the choir created a closer relationship with God and a desire to form a gospel quartet. They asked William 'Pedie' Carswell, another member of the church choir, to join them in a vocal group. Rev. Edward Harris, the Pastor of the Church, was also asked to join the group.
The group debuted at the Church's Men's Day Ceremony. The theme of the Men's Day event was Men of Faith. Because the group did not have a name, the Master of Ceremony introduced them as the "Mighty Men of Faith."
From that time the group has been known as the Mighty Men of Faith. They sing songs in the Contemporary Gospel and Christian music format peppered with a modern urban soul flavor. They have a unique sound that is influenced by the likes of the Whispers, Temptations, Marvin Sapp, and Williams Brothers. The stated mission of the Mighty Men of Faith is to spread the Word of God to the masses through music. They encourage an authentic atmosphere of worship on stage. Embodying the love of God, their shows are heartfelt and soul-stirring from the first note.

Their trademark sound, personal warmth, musical diligence leaves you eager for more. There spiritual anointing will enable them to meet their stated mission.

Since the inception of the Mighty Men of Faith, there have been changes in the group's makeup. The primary lead singer, Malvin Scott, transitioned from time to eternity in January 2013. At the time of his transition, Malvin had become a faithful Church attendee an active worker in the church. He recognized that God had blessed his life and that God had his back in all matters. To reflect that fact he wrote the song 'God's Got My Back' that is on the group's most recent album "Undisputable is He." Soon after Malvin's transition, William 'Pedie' Carswell decided to take another path in his Christian music journey. Charles Johnson after Malvin's transition joined the Group. It is amazing how God works. In a local play about the group Onyx1, Charles played the role of Malvin. On hearing his voice and seeing that he had primarily been a Gospel singer he was invited to join the group. Rev. Harris's son Rev. Richard Hayes, who sang with the group on occasions, became a full-time member of the group taking the place of William Carswell.
The faith of the Mighty Men is strong. They believe without reservation that God will remove any storm or obstacle to their music ministry. The Mighty Men often say, 'God is with those who are with Him.' The Mighty Men of Faith are truly ambassadors for God. God is doing good work with them; they vow to do his will. They believe because of their faith that God has a blessing with their name on it and through his blessings others will be blessed. They say "our appreciation to God should be verbalized through prayer, through conversations with Him, and to others by our actions and relationships."
The group's ministry has sung at many churches and venue in Northern California and beyond. The Mighty Men of Faith want to bring their music ministry to your location too. Contact them at for booking. They will bring to your worship service uplifting songs of inspiration. Visit them on Facebook at
and follow them on Twitter at Buy their music now at Itunes, Amazon and other music online sites. Your purchase will help to continue their mission to spread the Word of God through music.


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