Gospel Music Fever Blogspot review of the song Run and Go Tell It from the CD "Nothing But Grace"
They planned to perform only once for a special event at University AME Zion Church, but the one-time plan was axed when the response to their performance opened doors for them to travel throughout northern California. Five years later, they're known as The Mighty Men of Faith, and they've released their sophomore CD entitled Nothing But Grace, which features the urban contemporary single "Run and Go Tell It."

In contrast to the tempo one might assume belongs to a song with "run" in its title, "Run and Go Tell It" is unhurried. Staccato R&B-esque lead vocals and finger-snap percussion, enhanced by layered harmonies throughout the chorus, accentuate the tune's simple personal declaration: "I will run and go tell it...what God has done for me."

The Palo Alto, CA foursome has been nominated for Rhythm of Gospel Awards in five categories.

Reviewer Libra Boyd
Review of Nothing But Grace by Andrew Greenhalgh

In April of 2009, Mighty Men of Faith took the stage at a Men's Day celebration at a local church in Palo Alto, CA. They'd worked and rehearsed for their performance, really intending it to just be a dose of special music for their time there. But, as Providence would have it, that performance would ignite a spark within the members of the group, opening doors for them to perform all throughout northern California and more, pursuing their dreams of worshipping the Savior in music and in verse.

The past several years have seen the group, now comprised of vocalists Wendell Basey, Rev. Ed Harris, Richard Hayes, and Charles Johnson, work toward developing their sound, incorporating elements of both traditional and contemporary gospel into their repertoire. That combination of the two genres is a key factor in the success of the quartet's debut full-length recording, Nothing But Grace, recalling elements of gospel heavyweights like Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, and Byron Cage, among others.

Lyrically, Mighty Men of Faith draw from a pretty conventional well, offering up tried and true platitudes of praise and thanksgiving throughout. The song titles alone belie this, with tracks like 'God Is Love,' 'I Will Praise,' and 'Pray For Me' peppering the set list. But, these are songs for the Church and crafting songs that are congregationally accessible is always a key and, to that end, the Mighty Men accomplish that task, offering up tracks that listeners everywhere will be able to grab hold of.

Yet, it's on the musical side of things where Mighty Men of Faith really shine. These are four gifted vocalists whose passion is evident through each and every song. They approach their task with reverence yet imbue the lyrics with plenty of soul, despite the occasional dropped pitch or off note.

Things get off to a solid start with 'Run and Go Tell It,' a tight beat thrumming through the whole of the track while the quartet showcases some smooth harmonies, leading into the energetic praise of 'I Just Want to Thank You.' The harmonies falter a bit on 'God Is Love,' feeling a little muted but 'I Thank You' rights the ship with a rich arrangement and stirring lead vocal, accompanied by a small children's chorus.

'He Is God Alone' is a mixed bag, a solid arrangement fueled by some tight guitar riffs and bass lines yet finds itself marred by some pitchy vocals while 'I Will Praise' is a more successful effort with an effortless composition that lets the voices shine. That's followed by the title track which is easily the highlight of the record, a smooth, urban beat underscoring great vocals all the way around and really showing what Mighty Men of Faith are capable of.

That same urban flow is picked up on 'Pray For Me,' the harmonies tight and layered as 'This Joy' takes things back to a more traditional gospel realm, bright keyboards leading into a joyous vocal. 'God Is My Supply' follows suit, taking things back to old school church with strains of organ beneath before opening up to 'Father These Things I Pray' with its mixed bag of vocal highs and lows, not to mention the outdated spoken word intro. Yet Mighty Men of Faith close things out in fine fashion, delivering a soul-stirring a cappella number arrangement with 'God's Got a Blessing,' showcasing their considerable talent and leaving listeners longing for more, which is the ultimate compliment.

Mighty Men of Faith's Nothing But Grace is not a perfect album but it is a good step in the right direction. The quartet out of northern California is a talented bunch, possessed of powerful voices and a powerful mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ across the land and they hold tight to that message here, putting their heart and soul into it. Fans of gospel music new and old will find plenty to enjoy here and will no doubt be waiting expectantly for more from the Mighty Men.

Mighty Men of Faith
Nothing But Grace
Reviewed by Andrew Greenhalgh
Rating: 3.0

Sept. 16, 2011 Review of Mighty Men OF Faith and their album 'Because He Loves Me'
By DJ Gus – B2B Gospel Radio – BTB-DB

I might as well jump in the deep end where it is simply HOT by saying, this male group or quartet, are not just a quartet. These humble brothers are rattling the windows with their unique blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music.

The Mighty Men Of Faith, Wendell Basey, William (Pedie) Carswell, Rev. Ed Harris and Malvin Scott have presented a feast of spiritual musicality that will stand toe to toe or even side by side with any male quartet in existence today. I would dare to say they are the Four Tops of gospel music.

This album 'Because He Loves Me' fills all the gaps and smoothes them over with a ripple effect that will keep you skipping from crest to crest.
From the very start, the funky flavours are dished up in 'I'm Satisfied' with original rapping to invite the youth through to the well placed harmonies, I was hooked. 'Because He Loves Me' is easily my favourite. I would label this as 'Beautiful'. This piece takes the listener on a journey where you cannot say you did not feel the power of God. Truly the grace and amazing gentleness of our Creator is apparent in these lyrics. Through it all we realise the Creators humility and the ultimate sacrifice he made for each of us. No wonder this is the title track.

There are a couple tracks that remind me very much of that happy church setting with a mix of the old or classical church sound and the modern praise and worship connection as in 'Send Me I'll Go' and 'He Made A Way'. I can see the church mothers swaying from side to side and I am certain there are a few feet tapping along with the hands clapping nothing but praise.

Mighty Men Of Faith have also connected with their Caribbean cousins through the colourful calypso composition that took me back to a Sunday morning in Dominica when the only sounds you can hear across the village are the neighbours who specialize in entertaining the whole village with their favourite gospel classics, Caribbean of course. A happy, flavour filled, masterpiece.

'Use Me Lord' and 'Praise Him' make their mark with the trademarked precise harmonies and excellent musicianship. 'Use Me Lord' is nothing less than a love song. I can see why these gentlemen are in demand.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8

Need I say more? This is definitely 'a must have' for your gospel library.
- DJ Gus, B2B Gospel Radio

Sept 9, 2012,Gwen Norris StreamingGrace Radio of Mighty Men of Faith CD: Because He Loves Me
Groups come, and groups go! In the Gospel Music Industry, the difference between the those who maintain longevity and those who fly by night, is the anointing. The Anointing is definitely the prevailing force behind these guys, and it is that approving touch from God that ensures the longevity of this Group, and ensures you will be blessed and spiritually enriched everytime you listen!
I have jokingly said about each of the songs on this CD, "Its My Favorite", but in truth, I really do love every single song on the CD! Not many Artists can boast 10 hits on a single CD, and for new Artists, that sellability is so rare it comes along only about as often as Haley's Comet! Yet, I can play any song on the CD, and it's a hit with our listeners! This music transcends the four walls of the church! This is the music for the Car, the backyard BBQ, Sunday Morning on the way to church, and any other occasion.
The exciting mix of contemporary/traditional Gospel is genious and works. For example, "Send Me, I'll Go", and "He Made a Way" takes me back to the days of the old quartet groups such as the Jackson SouthernAires, The Pilgrim Wonders, The Supreme Wonders, you get my drift. Then the remaining songs present a contemporary, urban sound that has , until now, been missing from Gospel Music. As the worship leader at my church, I have to tell you "We Will Praise Him", and "Are You Thirsty?" are two of my favorites for ushering in the Spirit. It is very exciting to be a part of this very NEW MOVE God is making with The Mighty Men Of Faith.
If I had to describe the music of The Mighty Men Of Faith in one word, that word would be "Inspiring", because when I listen to this music, I remember that God loves me, and I remember his faithfulness, and I am inspired to call on him, he's right there! That's what I want when I turn on music, and that's what I get from the CD: Because He Loves Me and The Mighty Men Of Faith.
Grace & Peace 2U!
Gwen "Gigi" Norris/ StreaminGrace Radio

Feb 4, 2011 Kelly O'Neil Review of Mighty Men of Faith CD "Because He Loves Me"
The talented gentlemen in Mighty Men of Faith have been together for less than two years, but with their incredible blending and awesome energy one would assume they have been singing as a group for decades. Californians Wendell Basey, William (Pedie) Carswell, Reverend Ed Harris, and Malvin Scott have delivered an excellent debut album that captures the heart and soul of the divine message they are joyfully singing about. Because He Loves Me is not a typical raise the roof, foot-stomping gospel album. Many different influences, including an ample helping of R&B, truly showcase the group's vocal prowess. The title track opens with Harris speaking in his velvety baritone above lush strings, reminiscent of a Boyz II Men ballad. Taking it back a generation, the funk bass in 'I'm Satisfied' has more of an Earth, Wind and Fire groove. Despite the song style, each delivery is casual and relaxed, including Harris' free styling rap break that is positively old school, like Run DMC. Devoid of rapping, the easy, mid-tempo 'Use Me Lord' inhibits the same soulful vibe. This tune was written by another talented Las Vegas musician, Woody Woods. He composes and plays all the instruments on the track himself, but knows to let the vocalists shine, most notably in the clean vocal break at the end. Woods showcases the same vocal effect at the end of the romping 'Do You Know Who You Are.' His songs utilize a wide array of decent sounding keyboard patches including heavily synthesized brass in this number. Another fabulous Woods composition is 'Are You Thirsty.' The chord choice at the end of the chorus is creative and stands out. The lead vocals give an excellent performance that are engaging and exhibit powerful control over the falsetto passages. 'Send Me I'll Go' also features admirable lead vocals, full of intense high-octane passion. Unfortunately, while cutting loose the singer squeaks out a high note that is overtly out of place and devoid of masculinity. Oliver Goodloe composed the truest straight up gospel blues song on the album entitled, 'He Made a Way.' After a quiet brief organ introduction, the singer jumps right in with his enthusiastic call and response with the background chorus. Each word is deliberately sung and every downbeat precise to add extra emphasis. The excitement continues to build as the chorus chants 'Yes He Will!' causing the unannounced fade out to seem premature. For a change of pace, Goodloe and Harris offer a reggae flavored tune with 'Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken.' The essence of the islands is captured from the opening steel drum segment to the bohemian chorus, 'No beg for bread.' As is typical of reggae, the melody is happy and upbeat, and the multiple chord modulations inserted as the song progresses keeps the repetitive nature of the song from becoming monotonous. The fade out in this number is more tasteful. The most inspiring piece on Because He Loves Me is the Goodloe penned 'We Will Praise Him.' Everything about this song is fantastic from the quick synthesizer riff in the opening under the forceful spoken word to the soloist in the second verse who fights hard to not crack on his top notes and pulls it off with intense vigor. The motivating lyrics and arousing soulful melodies possess similar vitality to Seal's fourth studio album. The entire package from vocals to instruments to music to message culminates in a dynamic display of spirit-driven virtuosity. Mighty Men of Faith are an immensely enjoyable ensemble to listen to. Not only is their message moving, but their extraordinary vocals are equally inspiring. Review by Kelly O'Neil
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Cross Rhythms Direct Reviewed by Keren Perrott

Hearing this album for the first time you would be forgiven for assuming that this California-based foursome have a hefty back catalogue. In what has to be one of the smoothest gospel debuts released in 2010, 'Because He Loves Me' confidently straddles '70s funk, traditional gospel and R&B, and for this it is guaranteed broad listener appeal. Perfectly harmonized vocals are set to a funky foot-tapping bass on "I'm Satisfied" and even the mid-track rap succeeds in sounding okay where so many similar efforts in contemporary gospel music fail spectacularly. Other uptempo tracks such as "Do You Know Who You Are" and "Use Me Lord" have a contemporary feel but traditionalists will prefer the fast and furious keyboard behind "Send Me I'll Go" and "Praise Him", and the more bluesy numbers like "He Made A Way". Without the album's Gospel-centred lyrics you might imagine you were listening to an old R&B chart collection but this funky foursome have a passion for music ministry. Psalm 37 is the basis for "Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken", co-written by one of the Mighty Men and unique in its Caribbean-flavoured rhythm and instrumentals. The slower paced title track is exquisitely constructed - imagine early Earth, Wind & Fire, add uncompromising praise and worship lyrics, and you will be somewhere close to the end result.

Oct 5, 2010 Mighty Men of Faith Album Review soulchoonz review by Barry Towler Soulchoonz Y2K
Do you remember the brilliant uptempo cut "Are You Ready" by the Mighty Clouds Of Joy back in 1996? Well, if you like that then I'm sure some cuts on here will appeal to your taste. I'm no fan of non-secular material due to it's nature but it doesn't stop me appreciating the strong music and vocals that stand as a musical ministry. These guys have a great, great connection musically and vocally and they approach their music with talent and above all else real conviction. These guys have only been singing together since 2009 where they first performed together at AME Palo Alto's Zion Church for their Men's Celebration day. Honestly, you would think that these chaps had been a unit for decades, not months!!! The set features a few styles that mainly rely on soulful inspirational flavours but there is the odd rap and even an attempt at Reggae! Not this scribes cup of Earl Grey and possibly not yours but it still shows how talented and versatile these fellas are.
The slap bass and freaky keys merge with a trapping beat and freaky keys to make a slammin' uptempo praise cut called "I Feel Satisfied". The vocalist here almost has a Billy Paul feel, and the backing vocals are superb. This song is positive, uplifting and one can tell that their faith means a lot to them and it propels these guys in every way. You will be sure to like this if not love it, and I can easily say the same over the EXCELLENT "Because He Loves Me" which, incidentally, comes in two versions, both of which are superb. The first version is a smoother, more relaxed version with a great spoken intro from The Rev Ed Harris. This sort of song would not be out of place on a Ben Tankard album. My favourite version is to be found at the end of the CD and although without the spoken word, it is a classy affair that defies you not to like it. Even as a screaming Heathen such as myself cannot fail to love this song! The Ronnie McNeir-like "Do You Know Who You Are" is also very impressive, and the harmonies from the guys, especially their smooth Tenors Malvin Scott and Vales Crossley are especially worthy of a mention. This is a worthy release and is so recommended for the above songs!

PALO ALTO, CA -- LOretta Green Review
A just released soulful, religious CD titled 'Because He Loves Me'

is attracting a groundswell of attention and popularity for its Northern California creators, the Mighty Men of Faith.
The album's potpourri of music includes everything from Christian rap and reggae to moving lyrical gospel and foot-stomping old-church quartet music and has attracted listeners of all ages.
Based at University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto, CA, it is the result of collaboration between four men who first officially sang together as a quartet in 2009 at the church's Men's Day Celebration.
The pastor, Rev. Ed Prothro-Harris, sang in the group along with church members, Wendell Basey, William 'Pedie' Carswell and Malvin Scott. After the program the men continued to refine their music and performance.
Last Spring, they drove to the Pro Camp recording studio in Henderson, Nev. The quartet now sings every fourth Sunday at University, sometimes referred to as 'The U.'
Scott and Carswell, the group's smooth tenors, handle the solo work on the CD which is enhanced by both the close harmonic vocal background provided by Harris and Basey, as well as their writing and arranging talent.
'I'm Satisfied' by Oliver Goodloe, featuring the 'walking bass' beat of guitarist Jimmy Ali, is the CD's spirited opening number. The surprise factor is the Rev. Harris's mellow, clear diction kicking in with modern day spoken word. Harris wrote the rap lines which in one stanza give a passing nod to psychology's stress theory.
('The world has a dimmer view of what is right
Human nature says it's about fight or flight…') But he clarifies the Christian's mission on a mellow note:
'Justified, gratified sanctified All I can say today is I'm Satisfied.' The reggae number, 'Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken,' features the Caribbean sound of steel drums and 'He Made A Way' led by the soulful voice of Carswell, is reminiscent of the rural South's, old-style, foot-stomping quartet music.
There are several peaceful, inspirational numbers such as the album's title song, 'Because He Loves Me,' which again features Rev. Harris's calm voice and testimony. There also is, 'Are You Thirsty, (You need drink from the well that never runs dry)' delivered on the lilting tenor of Malvin Scott. An old favorite, 'Send Me,'' is powerfully sung by Carswell.
To date the CDs are making the rounds through retailers, CDbaby Facebook, MySpace, iTunes and Amazon as well as by word-of-mouth, emails and local performances. The CD is available through Super D Distribution and can be order at over 2000 retailers in the USA. In Northern California, it is available at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, Vallejo, Berkeley and San Leandro and at Reid's Record Store in Berkeley.

Mighty Men of Faith