Live at Valley Christian by the Mighty Men of Faith was recorded in front of 2,400 enthusiastic young students at the Valley Christian School in San Jose, California."The smooth modern quartet brought their friendly and relaxed delivery to the school—they sound like the Dells singing gospel. The California-based quartet's music is driven by a rhythm section led by Prince Damon on keyboard. Cierra Davis is on drums, Neil Castro handles lead guitar, and Vernon Hall is on bass. Most of the songs are originals, though one, the finest on the album, is a cover of 'Clean Up,' the Canton Spirituals' resolution to undergo a process of self-improvement. It is rendered to the students as a cautionary tale.

'Magnify His Holy Name' is a quartet song with a P&W heart. The singsong 'Believe in His Promises' has a rapping vamp that originated, in part, with the CMCs: 'Ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party / 'Cause a Holy Ghost party don't stop.' It's an ideal vehicle to deliver a message of encouragement to youth.
'Now I'm New' features superb falsetto singing. Hip hop elements figure into the melodic harmonies of 'Power of We,' and Isaiah Houston's prayerful composition, 'A Friend of God,' gets a warm and gently buoyant treatment. By the concluding track, 'This Joy,' it's evident that the quartet enjoyed appearing before the youth as much as the youth enjoying having them as guests.
Live at Valley Christian is like Goldilocks' porridge – just right.
'The harmony from the Mighty Men of Faith on their newest album release 'Undisputable Is He' (N2L Records) is perfection. Individually the vocals are great and passionate, but together they offer the listener vocal perfection that mixes old-time Gospel with Contemporary Gospel, Pop, R&B and Praise & Worship. I personally love the old school sound reminiscent of the harmony of Earth, Wind and Fire and The Temptations.' Eunice Moseley Pulse of Entertainment
'Their newest release, Undisputable is He, is chock-a-block with smooth ballads dripping with syrupy singing and chord changes plucked from modern R&B and soul. The Mighty Men of Faith are crooners, not shouters; their quiet storm vibe shifts gospel quartet into the contemporary sphere. Examples on the album abound. One song in particular, 'That's What He Did for Me,' sounds fit for a movie soundtrack, though a hymn-like chorus plants its feet firmly beneath the church pew. 'Now I'm New,' another pretty ballad, explains how God gives us freedom from trials and freedom for salvation.' Bob Marovich Journal of Gospel Music
The Mighty Men of Faith's album, Believe in His Promises, finds the indie group working within its trademark neo-quartet sound—bright, chirpy arrangements with plinky piano and frequent lead vocal exchanges between members. The harmonies are consistently nice and easy. If the selections, especially the title track, have a 21st century Kirk Franklin vibe tempered with classic soul, the lyrics are straight outta quartetville. The album's overarching theme is of trusting in God at all times, but especially during times of trouble. 'Just Hold On' and 'Prayed About It' most explicitly admonish the listener to follow this credo, while 'You Tried Everything' riffs on the 'you've tried the rest, now try the best' trope, with God as the chief lawyer and doctor. On 'He's Worthy,' the group reminds that 'He can't help you if you keep getting in the way.' A personal testimony in 'Watching Over You' declares God's power over cancer. Besides the title track, with its catchy 'name it, claim it, believe it, walk it' lyric phrase, the album peaks with 'The Power of We.' This anthem of hope seeks a return to the spirit of community–that even when the community members disagree, the whole is better than the sum of its parts. It's the most memorable cut on the album and offers a message we need to heed. Bob Marovich Journal of Gospel Music



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